For Silly Boys Who Become Intelligent Men

for this seventeen year old, terrible events unfolded
his ill-planned robbery turned into first degree murder
he shot the gun!
he's the one who killed that innocent bystander

with incriminating evidence pinned on him
and insufficient funds to buy his innocence
we held no hard feelings towards the court or the lawyer
because this young man was inhuman and deserved his sentence

it was a day we would not let him forget
branded on his memory
branded by the public
branded tattoos on his skin recount the sad story

at thirty-seven, he had lived more time behind bars
than he spent in freedom - stuck at a state prison
a correctional facility that failed to correct
the behavior of most men whose lives got thrown away and forgotten

could he re-enter into society?
that's what the panel at the parole hearing inquired about
had this felon who had been pent up with major criminals
been able to improve his mindset on his own account?

at fifty-seven he proved naysayers wrong
because while locked up, he had taught himself a few pointers
how breaking the pattern of ignorance was as crucial as knowing the Law of Attaction
so if a man sets his mind to finance, he can teach himself financial matters

he kept on track; kept his ego in check
no more foolishness nor criminal activity
by the time this man was finally released from prison
he was a learned man and a richer man than you or I can believe

©2018 MSR
Published by MSRPHXAZUSA

The Creator's Image

through his mirror
he returns to experience
calculate, manifest, and create
but wait

what of hate?

never it was meant to separate
but man's coherance
has no patience for tolerance
thus the ego remains stupid

©2018 MSR
Published by MSRPHXAZUSA


a beautiful piece of glass
not recognizable one bit
nothing in her home
was this intricate

she placed it carefully in her purse
couldn't bear to toss it out
one day she may find the man
whose heart it got broken from

©2016 MSR
Published by MSRPHXAZUSA

No Consequence

live me a day without consequences
no lessons to learn
no morals to remember
no hesitations

to be unburdened
do what I wanna
whatever whenever however
fulfill no expectations

stay in bed 'til noon
shower 'til the hot water is out
forget right vs wrong
such silly ramifications


some unknown bastard
suffering no consequences
ruins my moment
he's devoid of limitations

so I crawl back into my shell
fully disgusted; stupid day
someone always takes it too far
with lack of edification

©2016 MSR
Published by MSRPHXAZUSA


i'm taking you with me
pulling you closer to keep me company
wallow alone in this misery?
not something i'm used to

i reintroduce a topic not let go of
an old concern you thought we sorted out
the nerve! you ask what i'm yammering about
how dare you forget so quickly

you curve the conversation into a barrage of questions
touch on the forbidden subject
i interject, i object
then walk out so we'll continue this later

©2016 MSR
Published by MSR


the snack is sized perfectly
fits into the palm of her hand
one is the serving recommended !perfect!
on the package nutritional details

dilemma: the package serves two
so either she
has to share the other portion
or hide it, save it for later

the manufacturer of this product
doesn't know her personally
but somehow she's pretty certain
it knows exactly what she will do

©2016 MSR
Published by MSR

To My Queen

the woman with whom I share passion;
who stands beside
and helps me guide
through many of life's lessons.

Even if I fail at first
you give me love and caresses,
if we're every apart
it would break my heart

for you're one of God's blessings.
I love you.

To My King

the man I love without conditions;
who protects me
and directs me
through many of life's situations.

Though my quick tongue
may deliver occasional convictions,
I believe in you
and proudly conceive with you

the seeds of God's future champions.
I love you.

©2005 MSR
Published 2005 by Sourire

* December 2012 *
This month's poem is titled The Fat Man in Red. It's a holiday piece that tells the truth about Santa....or so it was rumored. The poem first appeared on a handmade holiday card and eventually was published in the L'Souris New York City Pe(s)t postcard line. Chosen for its humor, may the joke put a smile on your face for the holiday season.

Everything was just swell
sleighing around dinging a bell
until Santa said, “Oh hell,”
and squeezed his sphincter.

One can not go
cut one’s logs in the snow
but the pressure below
told him he would have to.

He knew of a house which had
children that were very bad
and although the parents would be mad
he pulled down his trousers and bent over their chimney.

It was a tough one.
Would he ever be done?
It felt like a ton
but he pushed, “ho ho hooo!”

In the house, the eldest brat
looking up at
the chimney awaiting Santa’s drop in.

When it came down
there was a big frown
on Santa’s renown
but the fat man rode off anyway, “Merry Christmas!”

©1998 MSR
Published 1999 by Sourire

* November 2012 *
This month's poem is titled Please. It's an older work, but was chosen for its positive message that we mustn't forget to notice the beauty in life. As time seems to speed up, it's imperative to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life in order to notice what beautiful things surround us.

remind me when
it's time because
I may forget and that

would be heartbreaking

not to notice
all of the helter
skelter in the faces
at me
open-mouthed. It

would be quite amusing

to throw my head
back and laugh at
as they watch this
little girl turn into a
young woman.
Don't you agree?

Published 1989
PAIDEIA Literary/Arts Magazine

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